Many couples want to do everything possible to avoid divorce. Minnesota Family Court judges will not grant a divorce unless, according to Minnesota Statute 518.10,

“There has been an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage relationship of the parties and there is no reasonable prospect of reconciliation. There is serious marital discord adversely affecting the attitude of one or both parties toward the marriage.”

Many couples who have identified the causes of their relationship difficulties through marriage counselors then prefer to augment the therapeutic experience by using third party neutrals to generate solutions that encompass their mutual legal best interests. Married parents with relationship issues value the input of mediators with extensive background in child development and children’s best interests, resources that marriage counselors often do not possess.

Northwest Mediation and Custody Evaluation Services staff has significant experience in both family law as it applies to creative problem solving for married couples with and without children, child developmental, and statutory best interest considerations. We provide a male/female mediation team to work with couples who want to do everything possible to preserve their marital relationship and prevent a painful, expensive divorce. The
basic mediation fee schedule applies to these services.

Northwest Mediation & Custody Evaluation Services staff are fully trained neutrals
as defined under Minnesota General Rules of Practice Rule 114,
and proud members of the

NWM&CES is a member of the AFCC