The Court appoints a Parenting Time Expeditor to resolve parenting time disputes by enforcing, interpreting, clarifying, and addressing circumstances not specifically addressed by an existing parenting time order and, if appropriate, to make a determination as to whether the existing parenting time order has been violated. A Parenting Time Expeditor may be appointed to resolve a one-time parenting time dispute or to provide ongoing parenting time dispute resolution services, but in either case, the Parenting Time Expeditor is a qualified neutral (mediator) governed by Minnesota Statute §518.1751 and Minnesota General Rule 114 of Practice for the District Courts. Parties may request appointment of a Parenting Time Expeditor, but the Court may appoint an Expeditor against the wishes of one or both parties.

A Parenting Time Expeditor attempts to resolve a parenting time dispute by facilitating negotiations between the parents to promote settlement. If the dispute cannot be resolved by an agreement of the parties, the Parenting Time Expeditor makes a legally binding decision resolving the dispute with which the parents must immediately comply. A parenting time dispute is any disagreement about parenting time with a child, including a dispute about an anticipated denial of future scheduled parenting time.

In its order appointing the Expeditor, the Court apportions the fees of the Expeditor among the parties, with each party bearing the portion of fees that the Court determines is just and equitable under the circumstances. Northwest Mediation and Custody Evaluation Services maintains a
sliding fee scale for Parenting Time Expeditor services.

Northwest Mediation & Custody Evaluation Services staff are fully trained neutrals
as defined under Minnesota General Rules of Practice Rule 114,
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